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This symbol appears between December 22nd and January It empowers you with industriousness, ambition, and stubbornness. The planet Saturn plays an instrumental role in your life. This celestial body is responsible for your spirituality, enthusiasm, and diligence. Your chief governing element is Erath. It works alongside Fire, Air, and Water to enrich the quality of your daily experiences. December 24 zodiac people are on the Sagittarius-Capricorn Astrological Cusp. We refer to this as the Cusp of prophecy. The planets Saturn and Jupiter rule over your life. While Jupiter is concerned with your Sagittarius personality, Saturn controls your Capricorn side.

People admire you for you always know what to say and do. Nothing, not even a crisis, can make you miss a stride.

December 24th Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

The influence of the two celestial bodies on your life is phenomenal. It empowers you with many unique qualities. For example, you are industrious, courageous, and focused. The Cusp of Prophecy plays an influencing role in your finances. Thus, you are willing to push the limits to safeguard the financial stability of your loved ones. Your health is good. All the same, we advise that you take better care of your Lower limbs, joints, and bones. As a rule, Capricorns are prone to injuries in these parts of their bodies.

December 24 zodiac people are some of the most trustworthy lovers in the entire zodiac spectrum. You have a high sense of loyalty.

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This means that you are willing to go to any lengths to win the absolute confidence of your beloved. This is not always easy, considering that you are prone to emotional outbursts. You have a deep connection with partners that are focused, reliable, and supportive. You feel that you can do much together. As such, you are ready to spend your energies to guide and protect them. The single Capricorn lays a lot of emphasis on your personal progress before you join a relationship.

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As such, you are likely to pay more attention to your studies and careers progress. Being affectionate and charming, you appreciate your true worth. Thus, any person will find it a tall order trying to win your heart when you are not interested. You are able to create inner peace for your family. The quarter moon in Libra on Saturday could coincide with a decision of some importance.

Love and Compatibility for December 24 Zodiac

A confusing and frustrating aspect on Monday could compound any last-minute frustrations unless you refuse to panic. Be strong, and take a breath. You can do it. Take it slow. Read your entire Aries weekly horoscope. Feeling like taking a trip? Tuesday could see you celebrating the holiday event with friends from other countries or cultures and having a wonderful time. Read your entire Taurus weekly horoscope.

Plan it out beforehand and you can keep it to a minimum. With a positive focus on your sector of relating, the people you share this special time with can add to the feeling of goodwill and happiness.

December 24 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Even so, you could be excited about a new proposition at the end of the week. Take advantage! Read your entire Gemini weekly horoscope. The sun is in your sector of relating, and the coming week may be filled with various social events and perhaps more formal engagements. You might even be called on to entertain.

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December 25 seems easygoing, with the moon in charismatic Leo making some positive aspects. Just make sure to keep a sense of humor about everything, and things will pass with relative ease. Find out more by reading your entire Cancer weekly horoscope.

Read your entire Leo weekly horoscope. Sit back, enjoy the ride and get ready to take advantage of the situation. Crises always throw up new opportunities.

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Work and health matters are now uppermost in your mind and if you have been overdoing it of late you must now go to the other extreme and finds ways to relax. That means switching off completely, at least for a while. Now that the sun is moving in your favour again you may be tempted to take the kind of chances you usually go out of your way to avoid. Life is for living, so get out there and make your presence known.

December 24th Birthday Horoscope

Some people say that challenges are just opportunities in disguise and you will get the chance to find out if that is true today. Get up and get out into the world and meet them halfway. The time to bide your time is well and truly over. Make things happen! You need to create some space that the universe can rush in and fill. The sun is in your sign, the world is on your side and there is a gleam in your eye again. What could possibly go wrong? Almost nothing, is the answer to that one — so get your act together and do something big and beautiful and brilliant.

Someone is playing on your emotions in an effort to make you feel bad about what you have done. Ignore them. You may have to make special arrangements over the holiday period to keep certain people apart, or at least keep a buffer zone between them.

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